pbq High Rate series

pbq High Rate series

Product VOLTAGE Capacity Sort page by dimensionsDimensions (LxWxH)
pbq HR 6.5-12 12V 6.5Ah 151x52x94/99mm (lxwxh)
pbq HR 9-12 12V 9Ah 151x65x94/100mm (lxwxh)
pbq HR 15-12 12V 15Ah 151x98x94/98mm (lxwxh)
pbq HR 22-12 12V 22Ah 181x77x167mm (lxwxh)
pbq HR 33-12 12V 33Ah 175x166x123/125mm (lxwxh)
pbq HR 40-12 12V 40Ah 195x129x155/179mm (lxwxh)
pbq HR 50-12 12V 50Ah 197x165x171mm (lxwxh)
  • pbq HR 6.5-12

    pbq HR 6.5-12

    • pbq
    • 12V 6.5Ah
    • 151x52x94/99mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq HR 9-12

    pbq HR 9-12

    • pbq
    • 12V 9Ah
    • 151x65x94/100mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq HR 15-12

    pbq HR 15-12

    • pbq
    • 12V 15Ah
    • 151x98x94/98mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq HR 22-12

    pbq HR 22-12

    • pbq
    • 12V 22Ah
    • 181x77x167mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq HR 33-12

    pbq HR 33-12

    • pbq
    • 12V 33Ah
    • 175x166x123/125mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq HR 40-12

    pbq HR 40-12

    • pbq
    • 12V 40Ah
    • 195x129x155/179mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq HR 50-12

    pbq HR 50-12

    • pbq
    • 12V 50Ah
    • 197x165x171mm (lxwxh)
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pbq High Rate battery batteries

Batteries from the pbq High Rate series provides high currents and have the most compact dimensions. These AGM batteries are ideal for space limited applications requiring more power than can be delivered by a standard lead-acid battery. The designlife of a pbq High Rate battery is 3-5 years at 20ºC in backup applications, 

pbq High Rate battery for UPS system

The most common application for a High Rate battery is an UPS system. For small UPS systems pbq High Rate batteries are usually used as energy sources. pbq High Rate batteries are the right choice for a reliable UPS system.