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2V batteries

2V batteries

Specifically for the more extensive energy systems Intercel provides 2V batteries with a high capacity. These AGM batteries have a rugged design and a very long design life (10 to 12 years, depending on the application). 2V batteries are often used on large ships as backup for the emergency power system. These 2V batteries are often used in series connection. 12V (= 6 cells) or 24V (= 12 cells) battery systems can be assembled with 2V cells.

Single Cell battery products

Intercel Europe provides a large range of Single cell battery solutions. We currently offer a standard program of pbq and Cellpower batteries in our battery range, but we can also provide custom made 2Volt battery solutions. Single Cell or monobloc AGM batteries are made of individual cells each providing 2 Volt. By combining multiple cells, batteries of nearly every voltage and capacity can be made. Depending on the capacity of the cell, one, two or four connection points for the positive and negative connections are available. We use a selection 2 volt Single Cell AGM batteries that are equipped with a robust housing, a long life (10-12 years) and very suitable for cyclic use.

2V Single Cell monobloc battery applications

We offer 2 volt AGM batteries for solar and wind power, emergency power systems, telecommunications, shipping and military applications. 2V monobloc batteries are often used on large ships as backup for the emergency power system. Single Cell batteries are available in various capacities. The maximum capacity of 2 Volt AGM batteries we offer is 3500Ah. We would like to choose the right Single Cell battery solution for your energy system. Our Intercel team is always ready to answer all your questions about 2V Single Cell batteries.