Intercel and the environment

Intercel and the environment | the battery recycling box

Intercel strives for quality in all aspects of our work; we aim to offer unparalleled service not only in the preliminary phase and later stages, but also after our products’ lifecycles have been concluded. On top of that, Intercel takes its responsibilities to society and the environment very seriously – we eat, sleep and breathe green, and this philosophy shines through in our achievements.

As a result, our environmental policy is based on an active stance that leads us to constantly strive for optimal environmental conditions. For us, compliance with the legal framework provided by environmental legislation is the bare minimum. Whenever possible, we actively pursue a course of maximum responsibility to both our customers and the environment we cherish.

Intercel – always ahead in quality.

Battery recycling

To better serve the needs of our customers with regards to battery waste management, Intercel has chosen to make the free Intercel Battery Recycling Box available to all her clients in the Netherlands. This battery collection box provides ample room for the disposal of unused or defective batteries and power cells, allowing customers to present them for recycling safely and efficiently. Once the box is full, simply call +31 23 514 99 00 and we will ensure that your battery waste is collected and recycled professionally. The Intercel Battery Recycling Box is the ideal solution for the environment – and your company.

Get your free Intercel Battery Recycling Box here