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With our newsletter, we regularly share with you our knowledge, latest news and other interesting facts. The full newsletter articles can be found on this archive page, sorted in the same way as the newsletter send by e-mail. This page as such can therefore be easily used as reference work, or as a source of knowledge for those curious to learn more about batteries. In the end, it isn't without reason that Intercel Europe dares to call itself:

Your expert in batteries!

October 2017

The power of Cellpower

Cellpower has over the last year focussed strongly on expanding its range. At the end of last year, the vibration-resistant Cellpower CPR AGM batteries were launched, and soon the ‘next-gen’ Cellpower CLN Lithium batteries will be available. New accessories have also been introduced. More than enough reasons for us to put Cellpower in the spotlight. Read this newsletter.


July 2017

More than (AGM) batteries!

Our slogan has been 'more than batteries' for many years. After all, Intercel is more than a battery-selling wholesaler: thanks to its specialists, it is also your knowledge partner for battery and energy systems. When it comes to selling batteries, we've grown far beyond being just an 'AGM wholesaler'. Read this newsletter.


January 2017

Our first restyled newsletter!

This month, we have send our first restyled newsletter. From this moment on, we regularly inform our clients and other battery-minded people about the latest developments in the battery market and Intercel Europe. Since this is the first in a new cycle of newsletters, it's been given the highly appropriate theme of cyclic batteries, using both AGM and lithium technology. Read this newsletter.


Newsletter categories

Our newsletter contains four recurrent categories. With these we aim to broaden your knowledge about batteries, related accessories and ourselves, at least once every quarter of the year. The four categories are listed below, each with a short explanation about what you can expect to read in them.


Intercel Europe provides energy solutions tailored to the exact needs of the user, meaning that there is a wide variety of interesting applications using our batteries. In the category 'Application' we showcase an interesting energy solution that we have provided to one of our clients, to demonstrate the broad applicability and versatility of our batteries.

Technical knowledge

Knowledge is useless if you have no one to share it with. The specialists of Intercel Europe rightfully dare to call themselves experts when it comes to batteries and energy solutions. One of them is Jack, who will comprehensively explain a technical term that is well-known to us, but might not be that familiar to others.

Who is...

One of our USP's (Unique Selling Points) is the commitment of our people to help our customers the best they can. Everyone at Intercel Europe has the same drive: providing the best possible service. In the category 'Who is...' you get to meet these people.

Product knowledge

Intercel Europe has a wide variety of high-quality batteries and related accessories. We regularly expand our assortment. In the catergory 'Product knowledge' we showcase a product that has some unique qualities, is new in our assortment, or is something you might not have heard of before. Showing these products gives you a better view of the possibilities that our products provide for energy solutions.