Newsletter October 2017

The power of Cellpower

Cellpower has over the last year focussed strongly on expanding its range. At the end of last year, the vibration-resistant Cellpower CPR AGM batteries were launched, and soon the ‘next-gen’ Cellpower CLN Lithium batteries will be available. Beside these new battery series, new accessories were also introduced. More than enough reasons for us to put Cellpower in the spotlight. We can tell you everything there is to know about the excellent qualities of Cellpower products, we are after all

Your expert in batteries!


Intercel goes green!

As supplier of tailored autonomous and sustainable energy systems, Intercel knows like no other the possible gains from solar and wind energy. That is why Intercel has made the transition to green energy last summer. The roof of our warehouse is packed with a total of 594 solar panels. These help us to depend much less on polluting energy sources, such as coal plants. Over a whole year, the solar panels provide about 50% of all the energy we need.

Vincent Kleintjens, General Director, is very excited about the transition to clean energy: ’’At Intercel, we try to think and act as green as possible. By doing so, we try to leave a more liveable world behind for our children and grandchildren. Energy should therefore be generated as clean and sustainable as possible, preferably without any pollution at all. That is what we are aiming for by taking this step.’’

The transition to renewable energy sources is a worldwide process that has been ongoing for some time, but is not yet finished. Thanks to the continuous improvement and optimization of sustainable technologies, there are more and more systems that can be powered in an increasingly sustainable manner. Intercel follows these developments very closely. Not only by looking for new ways to become more sustainable as a company, but also by constantly adding new products and technologies to our range that could enable others to make the transition to a more sustainable future.

Would you like to know how our products can help you with making a transition to renewable energy? Contact one of our specialists. Thanks to the extensive experience they have in designing and assembling (autonomous) energy systems, they can further assist you with the right advice.


Battery case

The right energy system to power an application is often a matter of customization. These systems are often big enough to fill entire basements, but the energy solutions designed and built by Intercel are often much smaller. The customer case of this newsletter is an excellent example of a more compact solution. This is not a powerbank, but a powercase! It has been designed for one of our customers that regularly works with power tools on site, where there is not always a normal power supply available. Especially for this kind of situation, Intercel’s specialists have been working on designing and assembling a mobile and user-friendly solution.

To keep the power supply easily portable and mobile, it is built into a sturdy aluminium case. Additional lining on the inside of the case ensures that all components remain in place during transport and use. Two Cellpower CPC cyclic AGM batteries were selected to supply the needed power. These AGM batteries are specifically designed for cyclical use and are therefore ideally suited for the regular delivery of short power bursts needed for the connected tools. Configurations with a set of CPX, CPG or the new CLN Lithium batteries would also have been possible. Depending on the way the end user wishes to use the battery case, tailored technical assemblies are always available.

The battery cases are a perfect illustration of how versatile energy solutions can be. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our specialists, this customer won’t have to worry anymore whether a power supply is present on site or not. The customers’ own case provides all the power that is needed, regardless of location. Are you curious about the custom solutions that could help your business? Contact one of our specialists. They will gladly give advice and help you in creating the best possible solution for your application.

Technical knowledge

Intelligent charging

At Intercel we often talk about the fact that we offer so-called intelligent battery chargers. That sounds very interesting, but what makes a battery charger actually ‘intelligent’? Our technical expert Jack explains: ‘’If you want to get the most out of a battery, both in terms of performance and lifespan, it is highly recommended to use an intelligent battery charger. Of course, with the term intelligent, we do in this instance not mean that the charger has a high IQ or a nice school report. An intelligent charger means that it is set to optimally charge the connected battery and as such ensures a longer service life of the battery.

Intelligent charging usually follows a few steps. The exact charging character differs between battery chargers, but there is one aspect they all have in common: they all seek the best balance between charging the battery as quickly as possible, so that it can soon be used again, and making sure that the connected battery has a maximum lifespan. It is not beneficial for a battery’s service life to be charged as fast as possible, partially depending on the kind of battery. Intelligent battery chargers take this into account. For example, by allowing a slightly higher charging current at the beginning of the charging process, which makes the battery available sooner to be used again, but dropping the charging current towards the end of the charging process, thereby ensuring a longer battery life. The exact charging pattern differs, as mentioned before, between different kinds of battery chargers, which makes that there is a suitable battery charger for many different types of batteries and usage patterns. Some battery chargers can even be reprogrammed to specifically suit the connected battery.

In short, intelligent charging means that the battery charger automatically adapts to the connected battery by charging it in such a way that the user has a properly functioning battery for a longer time.’’

Who is...

Olaf Veldmaat

Olaf Veldmaat has as of now been working for 10 years in the battery industry and has gained a lot of experience in various positions. Since august of this year, Olaf has gained the function of operational manager. He makes sure that our customers are being helped as well as possible and get what we have promised them. Customer satisfaction is his driving force. Olaf tells a bit about himself: "I was born 45 years ago in Lettele, about 10 kilometers from Deventer in the beautiful Salland region. First I went to the lower agricultural school and then the secondary horticultural school to finish International Agricultural Trade 5 years later.

After that, I was very tempted to start working abroad. So I went to the US, where I worked 1,5 years for a flower bulb exporter. After a lot of traveling between Chicago and New York, I moved back to the Netherlands, but when an opportunity to work in Canada arose, I immediately decided to take that chance. There I ran the operation for packaging and shipping flower bulbs in Canada to the major retail chains, such as Walmart and Candian tire. I learned a lot from that experience. However, when 80% of your sales depend on just two different customers (as was that case), it poses a significant risk for the continuity of your business. When we lost one of those two customers, it was no longer profitable for the company to have a separate branch in Canada. The Canadian branch was shut down, after which I decided to move back once again to the Netherlands.

Looking for a place to live, I ended up in the city of Haarlem. In the end I worked for more than 12 years in the flower bulb business. Although I enjoyed my time working in that industry, it was very much seasonal bound, meaning that in my case a lot of work had to be done during the summer and Christmas period. That did not always have positive effects on my relationship. So back in 2007 I decided that it was time for something new. I started working for Power Storage Europe (PSE). Still a very international oriented business, but much less seasonal bound. It was during that period that I met Anja at the local badminton club where we both regularly played. As of today we have been together for 10 years in Haarlem.

During the lasts months of 2012 PSE was acquired by Intercel. It has proven to be a very good match between the companies. Both reinforced each other, creating a stronger company altogether. After 10 years of working as a battery purchaser it was time for the next step. As of the 1st of august this year I am the operational manager at Intercel. I’m eagerly looking forward to help Intercel reaching new milestones.

Besides my job at Intercel I also, as I previously said, play badminton and I am also a part in the board of the local badminton club. In addition, I attend Italian language courses on Monday, which is quite a difficult language to master. Anja and I really enjoy travelling to Italy. The country has beautiful landscapes, nice people and an excellent cuisine. It is our dream to buy a house there one day.’’

Product knowledge

Cellpower CLN Lithium pulverizes AGM

We already knew that the new Cellpower CLN Lithium series would deliver unprecedented performance when Cellpower introduced the new series earlier this year. In the meantime, some of our customers have been able to test these new Lithium batteries in a variety of applications, and the results exceeded even our expectations! This means that the CLN is not only interesting on paper, but also is able to provide proven unparalleled performance when being really put to the test.

For example, field tests with mobility scooters showed that with a set of two Cellpower CPC cyclic AGM batteries, it managed to drive a distance of just 45 kilometres on a full charge. With a single CLN 60-24 however, it managed to complete 60(!) kilometres! With two Cellpower CLN batteries, the travel range can reach up to 120 kilometres. That is almost three times the distance it would normally do with a set of AGM batteries! This excellent performance provides the users of mobility scooters with unprecedented freedom. The lower weight and more compact dimensions of the batteries compared to the AGM batteries are additional benefits.

The CLN batteries do not only provide a larger travel range, but also last much longer than comparable AGM batteries. Where a Cellpower CPC cyclic AGM battery manages to achieve an average over 600 cycles (at 50% depth of discharge) over its lifetime, a CLN battery is able to reach up to 1800 cycles under the same conditions. This means that a CLN Lithium battery lasts three times longer!

Intercel showed the new Cellpower CLN batteries to the public for the first time during the Rehacare trade fair in early October. Visitors reacted very positively to the first test results. Many were interested in the new battery series, as they saw the many benefits that the new CLN batteries could have for their own application. Thanks to the light weight and compact dimensions of the batteries, they can be used for an wide array of applications. In addition, thanks to the longer battery life, CLN Lithium batteries don’t have to be replaced for new ones as often as their AGM counterparts. They will provide the needed energy for a longer period of time.

The first test results have been very encouraging and once again confirm the many advantages of Lithium over AGM. In the coming period, the engineers of both Cellpower and Intercel will be working hard on even further improving and optimizing the Cellpower CLN batteries by performing more tests. All to ensure that when the Cellpower CLN battery series is available to the general public, it delivers maximum performance. You can download the digital flyer here for more information about the new Cellpower CLN Lithium batteries, or contact one of our specialists.



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