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Battery accessories

Always the right accessory for your battery

In addition to a complete range of batteries, Intercel offers all kinds of accessories for your batteries and energy systems. We can supply, for instance, a suitable charger for every battery. In addition, we offer various tools to test and monitor the condition of your battery and have a wide range of power supplies and inverters. If you are looking for an accessory that is not on the website, we can often find and order it for you in our extensive network. Discover our wide range of battery accessories or contact one of our specialists!

Battery chargers

Battery chargers for maximum performance Intercel offers a wide range of battery charger from the brands Cellpower, CTEK, LEAB,...


Converters and Inverters by Intercel Intercel offers a wide and comprehensive range of DC AC inverters and DC DC converters. DC-DC converters...


Converters and Inverters by Intercel Intercel offers a wide and comprehensive range of DC AC inverters and DC DC converters. DC-DC converters...

Battery combining relays

Why separate the starter battery from the secondary battery? In each vehicle with a combustion engine there is a starter...
DC voedingen

DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supplies in all shapes and sizes Besides accumulators Intercel offers DC Power Supplies as an energy source. Our...

Battery testers

Battery testers from Intercel We supply various kinds of high quality testers for lead-acid batteries. You can choose from...

Battery Guard

Avoid excessive discharge of your battery Battery guards, also called battery protect, help to extend the lifespan of your...

Battery Monitor

Need a battery monitor? A decent battery monitor shows you accurately how much energy is stored in the battery...
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Battery chargers, battery testers, inverters and other accessories

Intercel offers a wide range of battery accessories. In our large warehouse in Haarlem, we have and keep many standard accessories in stock, such as battery chargers for every battery type. In addition, we offer DC-DC and DC-AC converters, DC power supplies and various battery testers, battery monitoring and monitoring systems. If we do not have your battery accessory in stock, we consider it a challenge to locate it for you as quickly as possible and deliver it to your doorstep!

Accessories for measuring battery capacity

A battery accessory that is increasing in demand is the battery monitor. This accessory can be connected to and read out on more and more devices. Just like with mobile phones, the meter shows exactly how much power the battery has left.

Battery accessories for energy systems

Intercel also supplies specific accessories for complete energy systems. Think of battery monitors, battery separation relays or galvanic isolators aboard a ship in a maritime energy system. Another example is the battery equalizers that are often used in mobile energy systems to equalize the current of 2 batteries. Intercel can also provide special insulation guards for the bodywork of vans, to help you work safely.