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Why should you use a battery monitor?

Batteries are used in a variety of applications, mostly to store energy for later use. But how do we know how much energy is stored in the battery? Battery technology is often underestimated. But some basic knowledge of the battery with good monitoring is essential to maximize the life of your expensive battery.

Extend the life of your battery with a battery monitor

The life of batteries depends on various aspects. This life will decrease by not charging, over charging, too deep discharging, discharging too quickly and a too high ambient temperature. By monitoring your battery with a battery monitor, the battery status can best be observedĀ and, if necessary, actions can be taken immediately. In this way, the battery life can be extended significantly, allowing the battery monitor to be recovered quickly.

Typical applications for a battery monitor:

  • electric vehicle (EV)
  • electric boats (electric boating)
  • service vans
  • service vehicles
  • boats
  • mobile power
  • second battery system
  • secondary battery
  • accessory battery
  • battery system
  • batteriesĀ in series / parallel

battery systems for:

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TBS e-xpert modular battery monitor

The Expert Modular is a battery monitor from the last generation. Intercel’s 20+ years of experience has brought us to develop the most advanced and extensive battery monitor that’s available on the market right now. The Expert Modular set consists of an intelligent shunt and a CDU (Control and Display Unit). The shunt has an optimized footprint for a perfect integration with our DC Modular products. This way, power distributors and fuse holders can be clustered perfectly around the Expert Modular shunt basis.

TBS E-xpert Modular manual

TBS e-xpert lite battery monitor

The Expert Lite is our basic model and is priced very competitively. Despite it being the basic model, the Expert Lite still shares the same accurate measuring circuits and advanced measuring models with the Pro vesion. The simplified display with backlight is appreciated among many less-technical users.


Victron BMV-700

Battery Monitors Victron (BMV)

Intercel offers battery monitors from the reliable brand Victron. Victron’s battery monitors are from the BMV-serie, which is short for Battery Monitor Victron. The monitors from Victron work with great precision and measure the amount of ampere-hours and the loading status of your battery. The BMV-series always uses the latest technologies, one of the latest technologies is a feature that measures how long your battery will last and it can be connected by Bluetooth and the VictronConnect app, which allows your to easily integrate your battery monitoring system with other devices.

Cellpower CBWL 24

The Cellpower CBWL 24 is developed to measure the status of your Cellpower CLN battery, to prevent it from discharging unexpected. Through the LED display, it is very easy to see when you need to charge your battery.

CBWL 24 manual

Cellpower BW 03

With a battery monitor you can immediately see the status of your connected batteries. This way the user knows if the battery needs to be charged but also will know if a battery needs to be replaced. The user can keep the quality and performance of a battery in sight, without an unexpected faults.



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