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Battery testers from Intercel

We supply various kinds of high quality testers for lead-acid batteries. You can choose from a resistance test (conductance test) or capacity testing with Alfabat or Intercel DC Loadbank. Our best selling battery testers are form the brands: Midtronics and Alfabat. For any demand for testing batteries Intercel provides the right tester.

Alfabat battery testers

The Alfabat battery tester is the perfect tool to ensure that your battery, therefore the service you can offer, meets the requirements of your customer. Alfabat is the most accurate battery tester on the market. It discharges the battery and records the voltage and current. During this discharge process all important parameters are monitored and recorded. With the Alfabat multiple charge and discharge cycles can easily be measured. The battery tester is microprocessor controlled and suitable for testing 6V and 12V batteries. You can also use the PRO version to test 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V chargers. The Alfabat battery testers are suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries such as AGMGEL, Lithium etc.

Battery tester Alfabat

With the Alfabat tester you can test batteries of 0.8 through 100Ah. With the Alfabat PRO you can even test batteries of up to 400Ah. You can test starter batteries, cyclic batteries, stationary batteries, etc. and check your charger to ensure full power and maximum charge of your batteries. In this way disruptions are prevented and it is ensured  that the batteries are fully charged. In all cases the Alfabat with microprocessor is a reliable and professional tool. This ensures that the batteries are always measured in the best possible way. With the included user-friendly software, you can check and compare discharge processes through a computer. The software records and analyses voltage, current, parameters, date / time, battery temperature, power, load curve and much more in real-time. This gives you, by the way of your PC, insight in the loss of capacity during several test periods. The test results can also be archived in your computer or printed for your records.

Midtronics battery testers

Midtronics is the world leader in the market of professional battery testing and battery charging equipment. Using patented Conductance Technology developed by themselves innovative Midtronics battery testing, monitoring and controlled (diagnosis) battery charging solutions for many battery applications. Intercel offers several Midtronics battery testers. This battery testers can be used on site by the installer or in your workplace.

Midtronics SCP 100 tester

The Midtronics SCP Secure Power 100 battery tester is the most popular battery tester in the security industry. With the Midtronics SecurePower conductance tester  you can measure quickly and easily the condition of 6 and 12 volt AGM / Gel sealed lead acid batteries. Midtronics battery testers determine within seconds the condition of the battery. The conductance test is a part of the IEEE standard for testing sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. Extensive research has shown that conductance can be used to measure the capacity reduction of stationary batteries. Many telecommunications providers and users of emergency power (UPS / NO BREAK) systems use the standby Midtronics testers during the maintenance check.

Capacity test using DC Load Bank

This involves a test of your complete battery system with a so-called DC Load Bank. The Intercel DC Load Bank is connected to your battery system. Then the battery system is discharged by the DC Load Bank with a preset load to a certain voltage. All components of the battery system are thus functionally tested. At the end of the test the backup time is known exactly. The test also proves if the system and that its components meet the specifications.

Measuring and testing batteries

You can also have your batteries measured / tested by our technicians at your location. Look further on the “battery measurement and testing page” for all possibilities.

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