12V 7Ah batteries directly from storage

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Throughout the world, the 12V 7Ah battery is a popular choice for backup power in alarm systems and security installations. In addition, its compact size and versatility make the 12V 7Ah battery ideal for other applications such as emergency lighting fixtures, telecommunications relays, UPS systems, a wide range of professional and domestic applications, and even toys.

Looking for a 12 volt 7 amp battery?

As a battery distributor, Intercel understands that you need power storage you can depend on. If you’re looking for a 12 volt 7 amp battery that is certified for quality and performance, look no further. Our battery products will keep your applications running smoothly under even the most demanding circumstances and help reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Choosing the right 12V 7Ah battery for your application

Intercel carries a range of 12V 7Ah battery solutions, all produced by well-respected brands and rigorously tested for quality. The Cellpower CP 7-12 and Yuasa NP 7-12 both come with a VdS certificate, guaranteeing that each 12 volt 7 amp battery made by these manufacturers contributes to a safer operational environment. The same dedication to safety and quality is found in pbq 7-12 batteries, for which a NCP declaration is provided.

All three manufacturers offer similar dimensions, meaning that all 12V 7Ah battery solutions provided by Intercel can be used in the same applications without any need to modify or expand the battery’s compartment. We will gladly provide a more detailed explanation of the differences between each brand’s offerings on request.

Need more power from a 12 volt 7 amp battery form factor?

Does your application only have room for a 12 volt 7 amp battery, but do you need some extra power? If so, the Cellpower CPW 50-12 is an excellent solution. This 12V battery boasts 8.5Ah of charge inside a standard 12V 7Ah battery form factor. With this extra power, you’ll be able to keep your applications running longer between charge cycles, effectively increasing your power storage without any modifications to your current setup. If you want the most cycles out of your battery, choose for the pbq 7-12 LiFePO4 battery

Would you like more information about our 12 volt 7 amp battery products, or would you like us to send you a specific price quote? Please feel free to contact Intercel for any questions you might have. Our staff is always happy to help you find the perfect power storage solution.