Battery chargers

Battery chargers

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Battery chargers for maximum performance

Intercel offers a wide range of battery charger from the brands Cellpower, CTEK, LEAB, Mascot, MEC, Sinergex, Soneil, TBS electronics and Victron. In short, for each battery Intercel has the right battery charger.

More information on battery charger

When you order a battery from Intercel, you will also get the right service. In addition to supplying a charger, we also give advice for the correct choice, we analyse your application and deliver the right batteries and battery accessories, when required.

Battery charger features

Intercel offers 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V battery chargers. There is plenty of choice of charging currents from 0.5 A to 50A.

Applications for Battery chargers

  • Security
  • Sustainable use
  • Lift
  • UPS & backup
  • Golf trolley
  • Cleaning
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mobility scooter
  • Electrical Scooter