AGM batteries

AGM batteries

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AGM battery

AGM battery construction is as shown in the diagram below. The positive and negative grids are cast from a calcium / tin lead alloy to reduce grid growth and corrosion. The active material is manufactured from high purity lead (99.9999%) to minimise the negative effects of impurities. Separator is a mat of random woven acid resistant glass fibres, which acts as a sponge - soaking up and immobilising the electrolyte whilst maintaining good acid to plate contact and availability during discharge. “S wrapping” is employed to eliminate the risk of short circuits due to mossing and debris at the bottom of the cell.
The purpose of the separator is to maintain a constant distance between the positive and negative plates, thus removing the possibility of short circuits whilst allowing the active material to fully react with the electrolyte. The random weaving also results in an open structure, which offers minimal resistance to the flow of electrolyte during filling.

AGM battery construction

AGM construction with case removed and cover cut away to show internal battery parts.

AGM battery advantages

ideal for many different kinds of use like stationary, cyclic, high current and long life use AGM batteris can be used in all positions except with the terminals downwards AGM batteries can be charged and discharged easier than  gel batteries

AGM battery for standby use

AGM batteries for standby use are, in most cases, trickle-charged for years and everybody hopes that they are not needed at all. The AGM battery for standby is often used  in applications such as power systems, alarm systems and telephone exchanges. The life expectancy of standby AGM batteries is between 4 and 8 years. This is subject to brand (quality), but also the environment of the battery. If the ambient temperature in an UPS room is for example 30 degrees Celsius the life of an AGM battery is shortened by about 2 years. AGM batteries for standby use are also called stationary batteries.

AGM battery for cyclic use

An AGM battery for cyclic use is designed for much more intensive discharge and recharge. This makes these AGM batteries ideal for applications such as electric wheelchairs, golf trolleys, boats, electric scooters, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners and medical equipment. For each individual application a suitable cyclic AGM battery is available. Such a cyclic battery has a different structure than a standby or starter battery. The design is optimized to the smallest detail for frequent (deep) discharge and the lead plates are usually made of thicker material. A cyclic AGM battery does about 250 charge-discharge cycles, up to about 1000 cycles.

AGM battery for long life

Data Centers, UPS and telecommunications power systems cannot function without reliable long-life AGM batteries. Intercel offers a wide range of long life batteries that could operate smoothly with power failure or sabotage of the normal power supply. The life of these AGM batteries starts at 3-4 years up to 12 years! This depends on the environmental influences on the AGM battery.

AGM battery for high currents

High current AGM batteries provide the highest currents and have the most compact dimensions. These high current batteries also have a long life expectancy and meet the highest quality standards. Ongoing research, intensive testing and automated design methods have led to optimization of life, power, size and design characteristics. In addition, the AGM batteries from Yuasa and Cellpower are made of the finest materials and the best production techniques are used. High current batteries have a very good charge efficiency, long service life with low self-discharge. High current AGM batteries are used in applications such as UPS systems, telecom power plants, solar systems, security systems and electrical equipment which require high currents like start boosters.

AGM battery for high power and long life

High power and long life AGM batteries are designed for UPS applications. These AGM batteries have a maximum lifespan, according to strict industry standards. This is achieved using computer models, the proper selection of materials and design, and automated production. The high power and long life AGM batteries from Intercel have a higher energy density compared to other batteries of the same dimensions, which is reflected in more Watts per cell. Intercel also offers extended warranty on UPS batteries.

    Applications for AGM batteries

    • Mobility scooter
    • Electrical Scooter