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AGM battery for mobility scooters - Scooter batteries

Looking for a new battery for your scooter? Intercel delivers scooter batteries of the highest quality. For every scooter we offer the right AGM battery!

These products are suitable for mobility scooters

AGM battery for scooters, Cellpower batteries for scooters

For scooters we supply various Cellpower AGM batteries. Intercel offers you a Cellpower battery from the CPC series or the CPX series for mobility scooters. The CPC series is standard for cyclic use and CPX Series is designed for extreme cyclic use. Our definition of a cycle for a battery is: the battery is charged and discharged once. Additionally the batteries of the CPX series do 30% more cycles than standard cyclic AGM batteries.

Different sizes of batteries for mobility scooters

Depending on the size of the mobility scooter, the battery is selected. In a mobility scooter often 2 batteries are fitted (24V). A small mobility scooter has a smaller range than a big mobility scooter. In a large mobility scooter batteries are also a lot bigger, heavier and have a higher capacity compared to that in a little mobility scooter.

How long does the battery of my scooter last?

The service life of the battery is determined by the depth of discharge and the frequency of use. Therefore it is important to maintain the battery well and charge it properly. Intercel always delivers the best battery for your scooter. Even in winter time, with extreme cold, your Cellpower battery performs well!

Cellpower AGM battery series for scooters

Cellpower CPC Series
Cellpower CPX Series

Exide GEL battery for scooter

For the right Exide battery you should contact us. The Exide batteries are available on request.

Gel battery for mobility scooter

Intercel delivers a special range of gel batteries for mobility scooters. Batteries of the pbq gel series are specially made for cyclic use.

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