Battery alarms

Battery alarms

ProductVOLTAGECapacitySort page by dimensionsDimensions (LxWxH)
Cellpower Battery Alert12/24VDC1A max.45x20mm (øxh)
Victron Battery Alarm60V max.1A max.
  • Cellpower Battery Alert

    Cellpower Battery Alert

    • Cellpower
    • 12/24VDC
    • 1A max.
    • 45x20mm (øxh)
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  • Victron Battery Alarm

    Victron Battery Alarm

    • Victron
    • 60V max.
    • 1A max.
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Why a battery alarm?

A battery is an electrical energy storage, made ​​to be charged and discharged. Before the battery runs out of energy, you want to know that is needs to be recharged. If the application, that is powered by the battery, does not indicate that the battery is empty, a battery alarm is the solution. This can be set to give you a warning before the battery loses power. Additionally, you can also be signalled when the battery is fully charged.

Low and high voltage protection

A battery alarm has a dual function. It points out that the battery voltage is too low and gives an alarm so the battery can be recharged. This signal also means that the battery should be discharged no further. In this way, the battery life is extended. In addition, the battery alarm also signals if the voltage becomes critically high during charging. That is bad for the battery as well. With the battery alarm, you can prevent the battery from being overcharged.

Common applications

A battery alarm is, among other applications, installed in 12V or 24V electric vehicles. Additionally, you can also use a Cellpower Battery Alert (BA) as universal-voltage protection for 12V or 24V systems. Also, the Cellpower BA can be used as an automatic start-stop switch for generators and battery chargers.

Applications for Battery alarms

  • Sustainable use
  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy
  • Recreation
  • Boat
  • Golf trolley
  • Caravan
  • Mobility scooter