Battery equalizers

Battery equalizers

ProductVOLTAGECapacitySort page by dimensionsDimensions (LxWxH)
Cellpower Battery Equalizer2 X 12VDC2.5A max.100x90x35mm (lxwxh)
  • Cellpower Battery Equalizer

    Cellpower Battery Equalizer

    • Cellpower
    • 2 X 12VDC
    • 2.5A max.
    • 100x90x35mm (lxwxh)
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The problem of batteries connected in series

Batteries connected in series - must be of the same kind and type battery. This is necessary to prevent a difference between the voltages of the batteries from occurring. In practice, however, a difference between the voltages of the batteries emerges anyway. This difference may be caused by different temperatures of the batteries or because the battery capacities have changed.

The solution: The Cellpower Battery Equalizer

The Cellpower Battery Equalizer is developed to equalize the voltage of two 12V batteries during charging. In this way, the battery life is extended significantly.

Typical applications of the Cellpower Battery Equalizer:

  • 24V vehicles
  • 24V vessels
  • 24V emergency power (UPS / NO BREAK)



Applications for Battery equalizers

  • Security
  • Emergency lighting
  • Sustainable use
  • Lift
  • Measuring equipment
  • UPS & backup
  • Recreation
  • Golf trolley