Intercel always offers the right battery charger!

Battery charger? Intercel always offers the right battery charger

Intercel always offers you the correct charger 6V to 48V. The chargers we offer are brands such as Cellpower, CTEK, Inelco, LEAB, Mascot, MEC, Soneil, TBS electronics and Victron. For each AGM battery Intercel delivers the right battery charger.

12V battery charger

The most common battery charger is a 12V battery charger. Intercel offers a wide range of 12V battery chargers with a charging current of 0.5A to 60A. In the 12V battery chargers range we offer chargers for small, medium and large industrial applications.

24V battery charger

24V battery charger is used for charging 2 pieces 12V AGM batteries or 4 pieces 6V AGM batteries in series arrangement. Typical 24V applications are mobility scooters and fire alarm systems. Intercel offers you a big range of 24V battery chargers with a charging current form 0.5A to 50A.

36V battery charger

36V battery charger is often used by charging batteries for golf carts and other electric applications. When you use a 36V battery charger, 3 pieces 12V AGM batteries or 6 pieces 6V AGM batteries are connected in series arrangement.

48V battery charger

48V battery systems often used in electric scooters. This battery range has a capacity of 48V 20Ah to 50Ah. A common charger for electric scooters has a charging current of  3A or 9A. We also supply a Victron 48V 50A battery charger for electric applications with a powerful drive.