Need an emergency light battery?

Need an emergency light battery?

Are you looking for an emergency light battery you can depend on? Emergency lighting fixtures play an important role in safety, both in the workplace and in residential buildings. As they are often used to illuminate safe paths and exits during power outages and other calamities, emergency lights can prevent injuries and even save lives. 

Because of this, it is important to ensure they always work properly. Choosing the right battery for your emergency light system is an easy way to guarantee this, while simultaneously cutting down on maintenance and replacement costs. And thanks to Intercel’s exceptional product line, finding the ideal high-performance emergency light battery has never been easier.

Battery packs for emergency light fixtures

In order to provide a long-term power solution, an emergency light battery must combine a variety of qualities. Close proximity to an incandescent emergency light means the battery must be capable of withstanding high temperatures and holding charge for extended periods of time. Intercel NiCd battery packs are perfectly suited for this task – the battery cells are resistant to high temperatures, while the design is optimized for superlative battery life and capacity.

Nimh battery packs for LED emergency light fixtures

When an LED emergency light is used, the battery pack does not encounter high temperature ranges. To accommodate these applications, Intercel offers a range of tailor-made NiMH battery packs. All batteries are available in a wide variety of sizes, configurations, voltages and capacities, allowing for easy integration with any emergency lighting system.

Intercel’s wide range of emergency light battery solutions

Would you like to cut back on the maintenance and battery replacement costs of your emergency lighting? If you need the best battery for your emergency light solution, Intercel has the answer. Intercel has every commonly-used type of emergency light battery in stock, and our technicians can also tailor battery packs to your specifications. Each emergency light battery is fitted with a universal battery connector, and Intercel also offers adapters for widely used brands such as Blessing/Van Lien, Famostar, Lightronics and Faston. Would you like to know more about our emergency light battery packs? Feel free to browse our website, or contact Intercel directly for additional information.