Customized battery packs by Intercel

Customized battery packs

In order to provide power reliably and effectively, battery packs must always meet the requirements of their intended applications. At Intercel Europe, we realize that standardized solutions may not always meet your criteria. That’s why we decided to offer our clients the option to order custom battery packs alongside the high-quality battery products we already supply from stock.

Our custom battery packs can be tailored exactly to your specifications, ensuring that you will always be able to depend on reliable battery power for any type of application. Thanks to our keen eye for quality and our experience as an international battery distributor, we can guarantee that your custom battery packs will always perform as desired.

Custom battery packs for any application

When you need a unique or specific power storage solution, our custom battery packs are an incredibly versatile choice. Thanks to our extensive experience with battery chemistries and configurations, we are able to offer custom battery packs based on both AGM batteries and Lithium batteries technology. In addition, our custom battery packs can be tailored to suit a wide variety of applications and operating conditions, ranging from emergency lighting fixtures and security systems to electric vehicles such as scooters and golf trolleys.

Furthermore, Intercel Europe ensures its custom battery packs adhere to strict quality standards. Whatever your requirements may be, our battery solutions will deliver reliable long-term power in the most demanding environments.

Intercel, the professional choice for custom battery packs

Do you need a battery solution that can operate in high temperatures, like those encountered in emergency lights? Are you looking for custom battery packs that will improve the range and performance of your electric vehicles? We can develop any power storage solution you require. Our engineers always listen to your needs and work closely with you to create the ideal custom battery packs for your application. In addition, our international logistics network allows us to supply custom battery packs quickly throughout the entire European marketplace.

Would you like to discuss a specific design with one of our battery specialists, or do you need more information about our products or services? Intercel is always glad to help. Please contact us if there is anything we can do for you.