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C&D battery

C&D battery

Battery supplier Intercel is a distributor of C&D batteries. C&D Technologies, Inc. provides battery products for the telecommunications, energy and infrastructure (utility), uninterruptible power supply (UPS), cable, broadband and renewable energy markets. C&D offers a wide selection of VRLA batteries for all your Standby Power needs. C&D’s unique ability to offer complete systems, designed and produced to high technical standards sets us apart from our competition.

C&D VRLA battery

C&D Technologies’ valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries are engineered to provide performance reliability and consistency over the life of the product. Designed using C&D’s patented processes, these products offer long battery life with minimal maintenance. The VRLA battery products fit virtually anywhere and provides superior performance in the most demanding applications. Intercel offers C&D Dynasty batteries directly from stock out of our battery warehouse.

C&D High Rate Max batteries for UPS systems

Intercel is specialized in installing, calculating and delivering of C&D battery systems for UPS / Emerceny Power applications. C&D offers a wide range of VRLA batteries specifically designed for the high rate discharges required for UPS Standby Power applications. We offer reliable, high energy density, VRLA solutions for every UPS application from large data centers to small individual systems to assure that your critical business systems run “Uninterrupted”.

Explore our C&D High Rate battery range, available from stock