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Cellpower battery

The sealed maintenance free battery has grown in the last 30 years from an exclusive product into an obvious choice. With the batteries from Cellpower you are assured off an excellent price/quality ratio and a complete delivery program. Thereby the choice from the wide selection of manufacturers is actually quite simple. Since 2006 Intercel is distributor of Cellpower batteries. Over the years the assortment of Cellpower batteries has extended with edge products such as battery packs, inverters, battery guards, battery monitors, insulation guards etc. The Cellpower battery accessories are designed to supply a complete energy assortment. Cellpower provides in addition to the battery the costumers needs with related products.

Cellpower battery applications

For every specific application, a suitable Cellpower battery is developed. In their production, High quality materials and the latest technology are used without losing sight of the costs. Therefore Cellpower is able to deliver quality against sharp prices. For every application, there is a reliable battery available!

Cellpower battery series

Here you can see an overview of all Cellpower battery series.

  • CP Cellpower Multi-Purpose battery serie
  • CPL Cellpower Longlife battery serie
  • CPH Cellpower High Rate battery serie
  • CPC Cellpower Cyclic battery serie
  • CPT Cellpower Traction battery serie
  • CPX Cellpower Xtreme battery serie
  • CPW Cellpower Watt battery serie
  • CPF Cellpower CPF battery serie

    Cellpower batteries and environment

    Cellpower stands for a better environment. This can be explained by the development of products with minimal impact on nature and which preferably can be recycled. During all processes in the development of Cellpower batteries and accessories the environment is taken into account. Cellpower pays attention to global environmental legislation and represents a green, durable and innovative development of its products.

    Cellpower battery, contact

    On the website of Cellpower (www.cellpowerbatteries.com) you will find the batteries of different series conveniently arranged, so you can easily orientate. It is also possible to download per battery a PDF with product specifications. Questions/remarks can be asked at all time by e-mail: sales@cellpowerbatteries.com

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