DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supplies

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DC Power Supplies in all shapes and sizes

Besides accumulators Intercel offers DC Power Supplies as an energy source. Our Power Supplies are adjusted so that they can provide both charging current to the battery and can feed the user. Therefore we call them: DC charger / power supply. These Power Supplies are equipped with DIN-rail connections. In addition, we offer the DC charger / power supply in housing for 19 "racks. These DC Power Supplies are built specifically for evacuation systems according to the EN 54-4 standard. The third option we offer is the Backup Power Supply (DC-UPS). This DC Power Supply is installed in a steel cabinet with built-in maintenance free sealed lead-acid batteries. Since 2014 Intercel is official distributor of Adelsystem DC Power Supplies, a product range of innovative Power Supplies.

12V DC Power Supply

Different types of 12Volt DC Power Supplies are available.

24V DC Power Supply

Different types of 24Volt DC Power Supplies are available.

48V DC Power Supply

Different types of 48Volt DC Power Supplies are available.

Applications for DC Power Supplies

  • Security
  • Alarm system
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire alarm system
  • Lift
  • Measuring equipment
  • UPS & backup
  • Telecommunications System