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When your business depends on the reliability of your power supply, you need a battery you can trust. Sudden loss of power can critically affect your daily operations, damaging your service level and added value. Intercel understands that a reliable battery quality can make a difference for our customers and their battery applications. That is why we have added Electrochem battery solutions to our product range.Developed to operate in the most demanding conditions, Electrochem battery solutions have been used in commercial, industrial and scientific applications by leading companies across the world for over 30 years. This impressive track record means that regardless of your performance criteria, you will always be able to depend on an Electrochem battery.

Electrochem solutions; powerful, robust and dependable!

The first Electrochem battery was specially designed to power pacemaker technology. In order to guarantee the long-term safety and reliability required by such applications made it necessary for Electrochem to make a lithium battery that went far beyond industry standards. Since then, all Electrochem battery products have followed the same design ethic.The energy density of Electrochem lithium batteries reaches a staggering 915 Watt-hours per liter, while the batteries themselves are capable of operating in temperature ranges well outside traditional specifications. Additionally, Electrochem produces battery products in a variety of other compositions such as NiMh and sealed lead-acid cells – all offering the same high-quality performance and dependability.

Discover the potential of Electrochem battery solutions

Are you looking for a battery that can withstand extreme temperatures and mechanical vibrations? Do you need an battery solution that will deliver dependable, long-term power under the harshest operational conditions? Intercel offers worldwide Electrochem battery solutions for a wide range of applications and provides dedicated service and maintenance on request. 

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Explore our website and discover the unique power of the Electrochem battery, or contact us (e-mail - 0031(0)23-5149900) directly for more information, product specifications or custom made orders. Our team is always ready to help you find the perfect Electrochem battery solution for your needs, and can assist you with any questions you might have.

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