Exide batteries

Exide battery

Exide is a global brand for AGM batteries for various applications. For every conceivable application where a battery is required, Exide has an energy solution.

Exide Marathon battery series

The Exide Marathon Series is a series of accumulators for multifunctional use. This series is used in most fire alarm systems and UPS systems. The Marathon Exide batteries are specifically designed for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). These AGM batteries from Exide have a long service life and are therefore ideally suited for standby applications.

Exide Powerfit battery series

Especially for telecommunication cabinets and narrow propositions Exide has the Powerfit front access (FA) batteries in the program. This model is narrow and has connections to the head sideways. The Powerfit Exide battery is a front access range specially designed for UPS, Telecom and industrial lighting systems. Powerfit batteries have a long service life and are therefore suitable for emergency power systems.

Exide Sonnenschein battery series

The batteries from Exide Sonnenschein series are specially designed for frequent heavy discharge and recharge, making them optimal for cyclic applications. The Sonnenschein batteries from Exide are often used in the rehabilitation sector, eg "Exide battery for scooter". Sonnenschein batteries are often used in electric wheelchairs or scooters.

Exide Sprinter battery series

Sprinter Exide batteries are known for high performance, without sacrificing quality and reliability. The sprinter Exide batteries are worldwide known as an acceptable and reliable battery. The Sprinter batteries are common in applications such as UPS systems and uninterruptible power supplies. This is because the Exide Sprinter batteries have a long serivce life and offer high currents.

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