Intercel supplier of HAZE VRLA batteries

Haze battery

Intercel was one of the first dealers of Haze batteries in the Netherlands. Haze is one of the world's largest manufacturers of VRLA batteries, with global production sites. The manufacturer provides AGM and gel batteries for various applications.

Haze EV batteries for cyclic applications

Especially for cyclic applications, such as scrubbers, Haze has developed the EV-battery series (Electric Vehicle Battery Series). This series consists of AGM batteries for deep cycle or cyclic use. A cycle consists of one charge and one discharge of the battery.

Haze HZB 225-6 EV battery for cleaning machines

The Haze HZB 225-6 EV cyclic AGM battery is specially designed for cleaning machines such as scrubbers, sweepers, scrubber / sweepers and professional vacuum cleaners.


Haze HZB batteries for industrial (UPS) applications

The HZB longlife VRLA battery series  is widely used as backup battery for emergency power systems (UPS / NO BREAK). Intercel can provide these long life AGM batteries but  also interesting alternatives.

Haze battery HZB FA-100-12

For applications where there is little space for the AGM batteries, such as telephone exchanges,  Intercel supplies the VRLA batteries of the Haze FA Series (Front Access battery series). We also supply interesting alternative types and brands.