Intercel supplies HBL NiCad batteries

HBL batteries with NiCad technology

NiCad batteries are different from a lead-acid battery, because they are longer lasting. The charge-/discharge currents are higher and the NiCad batteries are less sensitive to temperature influences. Intercel delivers NiCad batteries for professional use in industrial applications of the brand HBL Power Systems. HBL offers the following series of NiCd batteries:

KSH Series, sintered plastic bonded HBL NiCad batteries

NiCd batteries with polymer plates of HBL are best suited for applications that require high reliability with low maintenance and high performance. These NiCad batteries with polymer plates are manufactured using sintered positive plates and negative NiCd polymer plates. These are specially designed for high energy density and lower water consumption.

NCFP Series, Nickel Cadmium Fibre Plate HBL batteries

These HBL NiCad batteries are built with fiber structure (fiber) plates. The three-dimensional fiber structure boards provide a very high conductance density. The benefits of this technology are low internal resistance, high discharge, increased capacity and lower weight with longer life. The fiber structure of HBL NiCad batteries are designed as L, M, H and X types to meet the needs of the client's needs. These HBL NiCad batteries are manufactured to IEC 60623 and certified by Intertek ETL SEMKO. They also meet the BS6260, DIN 40771 standards and other international standards.

NCPP & VRPP Series, Nickel Cadmium Pocket Plate HBL batteries

HBL offers a very wide range of Nickel Cadmium Pocket plate batteries suitable for various applications and operating conditions. These are available in strong polypropylene housing. The case is available as a single cell or block type. Cells in stainless steel housing or vibration damping casing are also offered as an option. By varying the electrode design to satisfy different discharge requirements, HBL NiCad batteries are divided into three types L, M & H. These NiCad batteries are produced to the IEC 60623 standard and certified by Intertek ETL SEMKO. They also meet the BS6260, DIN 40771 standards and other international standards.

NCSP series, Sintered Plate Nickel Cadmium batteries for military aircraft HBL

HBL Nickel Cadmium Sintered Plate Batteries are the energy source for independent aircraft engine starting and emergency power in case of failure of the generator on board the aircraft. HBL NiCad batteries are aircraft approved by the Centre for Military Airworthiness.