Battery chargers with a high IP rating


The Leab, Ctek and Mascot waterproof chargers supplied by Intercel have an IP65 or IP67 rating. The first digit in the rating signifies the extent to which the product is protected against the ingress of solids. The Intercel chargers all have a 6 rating, which means they are fully dust-tight. The second digit in the rating denotes the extent of protection against the ingress of fluids. A rating of 5 means the product is protected against water jets. A charger with an IP65 rating is therefore resistant against jets of 12.5 l/min from every angle. Chargers with an IP67 rating go a step further. A rating of 7 in terms of protection against liquids means the object can be fully submersed for 30 minutes to a maximum depth of 1 metre. The charger will continue to work without any problems after having been submersed. This makes the chargers extremely suitable for applications outside or in other dusty or damp environments..

IP chargers versus conventional chargers

A conventional charger has an open construction to ensure the internal components remain properly cooled. The disadvantage of this active cooling is that the mechanical parts are more vulnerable to external influences, be that dust, water or being dropped. The mechanical components of an IP charger are close together, packaged in strong housing that can take a knock and that is impenetrable to dust or water. Furthermore, the material and the shape of the IP charger housing have been selected and designed in such a manner that the charger can discharge its heat without the housing requiring an opening.


The IP rating, or Ingress Protection rating, is an international standard and an accurate method for determining the level of protection provided by housings. The IP rating denotes to what extent the material and the equipment are protected against water, objects, dust and its level of mechanical protection, known generally as vandal-proofness.

These products are used in IP chargers

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