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Sealed lead-acid battery

A SLA battery (Sealed lead-acid battery) more commonly known as a VRLA battery (valve-regulated lead-acid battery)is a lead–acid rechargeable battery. Because of their construction, sealed lead-acid batteries do not require regular addition of water to the cells, and vent less gas than flooded lead-acid batteries. The reduced venting is an advantage since they can be used in confined or poorly ventilated spaces. Intercel is a supplier of several kind of sealed lead-acid batteries. We offer a large range of AGM batteries and Gel batteries from stock.

Sealed lead-acid batteries are commonly further classified as:

AGM batteries (Absorbed glass mat technology) | Gel batteries (Gel cell technology) | VRLA battery (Valve regulated lead-acid battery)


Sealed lead-acid batteries; AGM and Gel battery

An AGM battery has the electrolyte absorbed in a fiber-glass mat separator. A Gel cell has the electrolyte mixed with silica dust to form an immobilized gel. While these batteries are often conversationally called sealed lead-acid batteries, they always include a safety pressure relief valve. As opposed to vented (also called flooded) batteries, a SLA battery cannot spill its electrolyte if it is inverted. Because AGM batteries use much less electrolyte (battery acid) than traditional lead-acid batteries, they are sometimes called an "acid-starved" design.

Sealed lead-acid battery applications

Batteries wholesale Intercel offers sealed lead-acid batteries for all kind of battery applications. Sealed lead-acid batteries are used extensively in electric wheelchairs, as the extremely low gas and acid output makes them much safer for indoor use. SLA batteries are also used in the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) / Emergency Power, as a back up when the electrical power goes off. AGM and Gell cell batteries are also used for recreational marine purposes, with AGM being more commonly available. AGM deep-cycle marine batteries are offered by a number of suppliers. They typically are favored for their low maintenance and spill-proof quality, although generally considered a less cost effective solution relative to traditional flooded cells.

Lead-acid battery solutions

Do you need a replacement solution for a lead-acid battery system? As a battery supplier, we also provide custom products built to your specifications. Our battery technicians have the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide you with a specific solution. We also deliver the right battery charger for each battery.