24V LifePO4 Batteries

24V LifePO4 Batteries

ProductVOLTAGECapacitySort page by dimensionsDimensions (LxWxH)
pbq LiFe 10-2424V10Ah181x77x167mm
pbq LiFe 20-2424V20Ah198x167x170mm
pbq LiFe 30-2424V30Ah229x138x213mm
pbq LiFe 40-2424V40Ah258x166x215mm
pbq LiFe 50-2424V50Ah318x165x215mm
pbq LiFe 60-2424V60Ah436x108x317mm
pbq LiFe 100-2424V100Ah520x269x208mm
  • pbq LiFe 10-24

    pbq LiFe 10-24

    • pbq
    • 24V 10Ah
    • 181x77x167mm
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  • pbq LiFe 20-24

    pbq LiFe 20-24

    • pbq
    • 24V 20Ah
    • 198x167x170mm
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  • pbq LiFe 30-24

    pbq LiFe 30-24

    • pbq
    • 24V 30Ah
    • 229x138x213mm
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  • pbq LiFe 40-24

    pbq LiFe 40-24

    • pbq
    • 24V 40Ah
    • 258x166x215mm
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  • pbq LiFe 50-24

    pbq LiFe 50-24

    • pbq
    • 24V 50Ah
    • 318x165x215mm
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  • pbq LiFe 60-24

    pbq LiFe 60-24

    • pbq
    • 24V 60Ah
    • 436x108x317mm
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  • pbq LiFe 100-24

    pbq LiFe 100-24

    • pbq
    • 24V 100Ah
    • 520x269x208mm
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24V LiFePO4 Battery - Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

The 24V lithium iron phosphate battery is deal for replacement of 24V lead-acid battery systems to increase you range of your 24V application. The outstanding extreme cyclic performance of this battery offers an excellent cyclic service life. In addition to lead-acid batteries, a lithium iron phosphate battery has the same or a larger capacity in the same box with less weight. 

Applications for 24V LifePO4 Batteries

  • Security
  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy
  • Measuring equipment
  • Boat
  • Bath lift
  • Electric wheelchair
  • Mobility scooter