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Midtronics battery tester

The SCP 100 Midtronics battery tester is suitable for 6 and 12 Volt sealed lead-acid batteries. This battery tester is ideal for testing batteries of fire alarm and security systems, emergency lighting and emergency power / UPS. 6V and 12V batteries up to 65Ah can be measured accurately and efficiently. 

Midtronics battery test; simple and fast

The Midtronics SCP 100 measuring the internal conductance of a lead-acid battery. According to the conductance test method, the IEEE standard for testing of lead-acid batteries. It is a proven patented test method which is already been used by many leading battery manufacturers.

Operation of the SCP 100 Midtronics battery tester

The SCP 100 Midtronics battery test starts quickly, the result of the test is within 4 seconds available. The batteries are measured on behalf of the Siemens values. Each battery type has a Siemens values present. Example: CP 7-12 is 185. After measuring, the battery tester shows a percentage. A new battery will show a result between 100 and 120%. If the percentage is below 80%, we recommend to replace the batteries.

Advantages of the SCP 100 Midtronics battery tester

The Midtronics battery tester is an economical and easy to use battery tester for each user. Needless drives of service technician for critical systems is redundant by the Midtronics SCP 100 battery tester. Replacement and testing of batteries can be better communicated to the customer. Raising quality maintenance of battery systems and saving on service contracts is a result of the SCP 100 Midtronics battery tester.

Midtronics battery testers

There are several types of Midtronics battery testers available for different kind of applications. Intercel delivers the SCP 100 Midtronics battery tester for security systems directly from stock. For even more elaborate and specialized battery testers please contact Intercel for a specified battery tester for your system.

Midtronics datasheets

Midtronics SCP 100 battery tester
Midtronics Siemens reference values