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MK battery

Does your company depend on MK battery products for emergency power or security? Do you operate or maintain autonomous power storage solutions that rely on MK battery products to function? Making sure that your batteries are in good working order is important, whatever the requirements of your battery application may be. Defective batteries can lead to power failures, increasing the risk of lost revenue, damages and safety issues.

MK battery replacement solutions

If you need to replace your MK battery products, Intercel Europe has the solution. We supply high-quality replacement solutions for all MK battery types, along with the installation and maintenance services you need to keep your power storage running smoothly.

The advantages of our MK battery replacement products

Without reliable power storage, many industries and services would grind to a halt. Home medical equipment, mobility solutions, security systems and telecommunication grids all depend on battery power to function properly. Intercel understands how important it is to be able to trust the battery solutions that power your business. That’s why we place special emphasis on guaranteeing the quality of our MK battery replacement products.

We only supply batteries made by respected manufacturers such as pbq (LiFePO4 series - Super Lithium batteries) and Cellpower (CPX series - Extreme cycle use), and our technicians routinely test our stock to make sure our products will meet your requirements.

Of course, quality isn’t the only reason to replace your MK battery products with our solutions. When compared to an MK battery, our solutions offer equal or greater performance and long operational lives. This means less maintenance, less worry and ultimately, lower cost.

Find a replacement for your MK battery

Are you looking for an alternative for a specific type of MK battery? Battery wholesale Intercel maintains an extensive stock of top-rated AGM batteriesGel batteries and Lithium batteries that can be integrated into almost any conceivable application. If you don’t find the right product on our website, please contact our team – they’ll help you find the MK battery alternative you need.

Naturally, some applications are more unique than others. If you need a custom-made replacement solution for one of your MK battery products, we can have it produced to your specifications. Our technicians will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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