NiCad batteries

NiCad batteries

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NiCad battery products

A NiCad battery is the best solution for a long reliable battery life. NiCad batteries and cells with pocket plate electrodes have a proven design and reliability to give maximum service life. With more than decades of experience in the design, producing and continuously modifying and further developments in techniques will give maximum performance and security with the choice for a NiCad battery solution. Its eminent features make NiCad battery to be one of the most reliable and adequate battery systems available in the market with a cost-effective, durable as well as a safe solution.

NiCad batteries – Nickel cadmium battery technology

Nicad batteries have a legendary reputation for robustness, reliability and a long service life. This is the benchmark technology for difficult and demanding battery applications: operating temperatures from -20°C to +50°C (because the electrolyte has a very low freezing point), superior cycling capability up to 3.000 cycles, long storage life and maintenance-free.

NiCad batteries for various kind of use

NiCad single cell batteries are designed for general purpose applications, where maximum operating reliability is a key factor. Nickel Cadmium batteries are designed for harsh environments, extremes in temperature and offer wide performance in any battery application. They are well suited for Security, Solar and Telecommunication applications where temperature, cyclic rate or depth of discharge are excessive. They are ideal for generator starting when the consequence of failure is truly critical. NiCad flooded batteries are manufactured in high, medium and low rate capacities and therefore can be selected for any discharge profile. NiCad batteries are produced in pocket plate, valve-regulated pocket plate & fiber plate design.

The advantages of Nicad batteries

  • Nickel Cadmium batteries has a lot of advantages in comparing to a traditional lead-acid battery
  • Better discharge characteristics at low temperatures without risk of freezing of the electrolyte
  • Higher energy density and low weight comparing to lead-acid batteries
  • Long service life up to 25 years
  • Large number of charge/discharge cycles