Optima YellowTop, RedTop en BlueTop batteries

Optima AGM spiral cell battery

Spiral-wound batteries represent the first type of AGM battery technology to ever be successfully produced. AGM batteries do not store their charge in acid or gel. Instead, power is stored in the Absorbed Glass Mats from which their name is derived. Spiral-wound batteries were specially developed to deliver large amounts of power quickly and effectively. Within a short amount of time, the cold start inrush current will reach a higher capacity than that of an average lead-acid battery. Additionally, Optima spirally-wound batteries are also suitable for use in cyclic battery applications.

RedTop starter batteries, Optima AGM spiral cell battery

The Optima RedTop battery series is perfectly suited for starting professional vehicles. Thanks to Optima’s proprietary Spiral Cell technology, the RedTop battery can guarantee maximum starting power in the most demanding situations. These compact AGM batteries have a variety of potential applications, ranging from large diesel engines to other heavy machinery and industrial motors. The technology will remain effective even in extreme temperature ranges (-40°C tot +40°C), which means you’ll always be able to rely on optimal starting power for your battery applications. 

YellowTop battery series: Deep cycle AGM spiral battery for extreme applications

Optima YellowTop AGM spiral-wound batteries were developed to withstand even the most extreme high load applications. If power sound or offroad adventures are your passion, you’ll quickly run into the operational limits of conventional batteries. Thanks to their patented Spiral Cell technology, Optima batteries in the YellowTop series offer superior cyclic stability in a leak-free, shock-resistant form factor, making them an ideal choice for vehicles which demand the most of their batteries. Optima YellowTop batteries offer the extra power and capacity your vehicle needs, even under unusually high power loads.

BlueTop battery series: the ideal battery for RVs and marine vehicles

Optima BlueTop spirally-wound batteries have been specially designed for use as starter batteries or auxiliary batteries in recreational applications. By virtue of their extremely low self-discharge, Optima BlueTop batteries are perfectly suited for seasonal use. In addition, BlueTop batteries boast a resistance against shocks, vibrations and waves that is 15 times higher than that of conventional batteries.

Overview of Optima YellowTop, RedTop and BlueTop batteries:

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Optima RedTop AGM battery series:

Redtop battery series

Optima YellowTop AGM battery series:

Yellowtop battery series

Optima BlueTop AGM battery series:

Bluetop battery series