pbq battery

pbq battery

Intercel Europe is the main supplier of pbq batteries. We take care of the quality of pbq batteries. With stringent incoming and outgoing goods inspection, errors are minimized and logistic processes run smoothly. pbq batteries are worldwide available, because of the pbq distribution partners. At pbq we value our distribution partners and we ensure that they receive regular training and updates. By doing so we ensure that our customers, OEM's ad end-users receive good advice from local partners.

pbq – professional battery quality

pbq batteries is a brand that has a very strong focus on quality. Therefore all products are manufactured in ISO certified environments and we use a very strict, Mil-Std 105B incoming good inspection. By being strict we prevent sub-standard products from appearing in the market or high scrap rates during production. Although the cost of our CQ is considerable, we have found that this results in reduced cost down-stream. OEM and end-users experience considerable less problems due to thesis resulting in an actual cost-reduction when pbq batteries have been installed.

pbq VRLA battery collection

We offer a wide VRLA battery product range to our customers and prospects. In the VRLA battery range this includes special VdS approved batteries, Cyclic (deep discharge) batteries, High Discharge rate batteries, Mono-blocks and Front Access models. For several customers pbq has designed special models for their applications.

pbq Lithium batteries

Apart from a wide range of VRLA batteries, pbq also supplies Lithium batteries. Small portable Lithium batteries are being offered in all three major chemistries: Li-SOCl2, Li-MnO2 and Li-SO2. pbq batteries just finished in 2012 the development of a new pbq Lithium Iron Phosphate gamma.