Intercel is your VRLA battery specialist

VRLA battery products

A VRLA battery (valve regulated lead–acid battery) more commonly known as a sealed battery is a lead–acid rechargeable battery is the core product of Intercel. Several VRLA battery series are available. VRLA batteries always include a safety pressure relief valve. As opposed to vented batteries (also called flooded), a VRLA battery cannot spill its electrolyte if it is inverted.

VRLA battery construction

VRLA batteries have a pressure relief valve which will activate when the battery is recharged at high voltage, typically greater than 2.30 volts per cell. Valve activation allows some of the gas or electrolyte to escape, thus decreasing the overall capacity of a VRLA battery. VRLA batteries have gas diffusers built into them that allow safe dispersal of any excess hydrogen that may be formed during overcharge. VRLA batteries are not permanently sealed, but are maintenance free. They can be installed in any position, unlike normal lead–acid batteries, which must be kept upright to avoid acid spills and to keep the plates' orientation vertical.

Different types of VRLA batteries

VRLA batteries are commonly further classified as AGM batteries and Gel batteries. An absorbed glass mat battery has the electrolyte absorbed in a fiber-glass mat separator. A Gel cell battery has the electrolyte mixed with silica dust to form an immobilized gel. Batteries wholesale Intercel has both AGM batteries and Gel batteries in the product range.

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For which application can I use a VRLA battery?

VRLA batteries are often used in cyclic applications as electric wheelchairs, EV scooters, boats, medical care and Solar. For indoor use a VRLA battery is a safe choice because of the extremely low gas and acid output of the battery. VRLA batteries are also used as a standby energy source in UPS / Emergency power systems when the electrical power goes off.

VRLA battery series

Intercel Europe delivers several VRLA battery series. Below an overview the most common VRLA battery series.

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