Wing battery

Wing battery

Do your emergency power solutions operate on Wing battery products? Is it time to upgrade or replace your power storage and are you looking for suitable alternatives that meet your exact specifications? If so, Intercel has the batteries you need.

Wing battery replacement solutions

Power Storage Europe can help you find the ideal replacement for your Wing battery systems. As an international distributor, we have the ability to supply, install and maintain high-quality battery solutions throughout Europe. Our experienced technicians can advise you on the right alternative for your existing Wing battery products and we will always strive to offer you the best possible service and support.

The advantages of Wing battery replacements

Intercel Europe takes a comprehensive approach to battery quality. We believe that careful quality management is a key responsibility for any distributor – a fact which is reflected in our testing and screening procedures.

By working exclusively with respected manufacturers like Cellpower and pbq, we can guarantee that our Wing battery replacement solutions will always live up to the operational requirements of your applications. Whether you need an AGM battery capable of withstanding deep duty cycles or a Lithium battery that will offer consistent performance in high-temperature environments, we will be able to deliver a suitable replacement for your existing Wing battery products.

Find an alternative for your Wing battery

Are you planning to upgrade or replace your Wing battery systems? Power Storage Europe has an extensive range of Wing battery replacements to choose from. Our extensive stock means we can deliver suitable alternatives for most battery types and applications. If you want to place an order or need more information about a specific type of battery, please feel free to contact our staff.

Naturally, Intercel realizes that your battery application may require a tailor-made solution. In these cases, our battery technicians can assemble a custom replacement for your Wing battery systems according to your needs and specifications. This approach helps eliminate costly conversion systems while simultaneously preventing compatibility issues and technical problems.