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Yuasa battery

Since 1988, Intercel began importing Yuasa batteries for industrial applications. Yuasa is one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of VRLA batteries. With global manufacturing facilities and an extensive marketing and distribution network throughout the world. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Yuasa is open to new developments of lead-acid batteries. Applied research and investing in modern factories comply with the increasing need of reliable batteries.

Yuasa NP battery for multi-functional applications

The Yuasa NP battery series is already more than 50 years in many places applied in particular alarm and UPS systems. Also, the NP-series can be used as cyclic batteries for lighting, portable devices and even toys. The battery Yuasa NP series is specially designed for all stationary applications. Characteristics are excellent recovery from deep discharge, lead-calcium grids for extended lifespan and, thanks to the closed construction Yuasa NP batteries are virtually maintenance free. The sequence of these batteries from 1 to 65 Ah are available in 6 and 12 Volts blocks.

Yuasa NPC battery for cyclic applications

The Yuasa NPC battery series is specially designed for cyclic applications and has discharge / charge cycles up to twice as much as standby lead-acid batteries. The NPC series ranges from 12V 17Ah up to 12V 38Ah at 20h discharge. Yuasa NPC batteries are ideal for applications such as: wheelchairs, golf carts, lawn mowers, toy cars, electric vehicles, robots, to name a few.

Yuasa NPH battery for industrial applications (UPS)

Yuasa NPH battery series has a very good charge efficiency and a long service life at low self-discharge. Also the possibility for a very high output energy in a very short time was further developed by Yuasa's research department. Therefore, the Yuasa NPH series are developed for a lack of space. Typical applications include UPS, telecommunications, emergency lighting, security systems, control and electrical systems and test equipment.

Yuasa SWL battery for long life applications

Yuasa SWL batteries are VRLA lead-acid batteries and have a long life. They are an enhanced NPL design resulting in an improved energy to density ratio, giving up to 40% extra discharge capacity. All other attributes and operational characteristics are the same, thereby maintaining the benefit of a common mechanical and electrical design for users of both products.

Yuasa NP 7-12 battery

The Yuasa NP 7-12 is the most sold Yuasa battery. The 12V 7Ah battery is used in many applications such as alarm and fire alarm systems, UPS systems, measuring and control technology, emergency lighting, medical applications and toys. Yuasa NP 7-12 batteries are packed per 8 pieces a box.