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Batteries for robotics

Intercel batteries contribute to the optimal functioning of your robotics systems. We supply reliable batteries for various types of robotics and we have a large number of standard solutions in stock. If you have specific wishes, we will be happy to create a tailor-made energy solution. With our fast service we limit the interruption to your company processes to the absolute minimum.

Batteries for different robotics systems

Intercel supplies suitable batteries for the following robotics application, among other things:

  • Robot arms
  • Order picking robots
  • Automated assembly lines
  • Stand-alone robots and other autonomous operating systems
  • Unmanned vehicles such as AGVs and RGVs

The role of robotics in your company

Automated systems and robots are taking over human work in increasingly more sectors and companies. Whether it concerns picking orders for web shops, transporting materials or assembling products: in many cases robots work faster and more efficiently than a human could ever do. Robots work in a cost-effective way and can keep going 24/7 if required. Now that the interest in robotised systems is on the rise, it is also becoming increasingly important that you can rely on the maximum uptime of your systems. Moreover, a malfunction can directly impact important company processes.

The right battery for reliable robotics

The robotics batteries from Intercel contribute to the reliability and uptime of your robot systems. Our high-quality batteries are extremely powerful and have a long lifespan. Our wide range of AGM, Gel and lithium batteries is supplied directly from our stock, so that we can respond quickly. If you have specific wishes concerning usage or discharge currents, we will be delighted to create a custom-made solution for you. Thanks to our broad experience with various sectors and systems, we always succeed in finding a suitable energy solution for your robotics application. Depending on your application we can assemble custom-made battery packs and program chargers, for example.

Quickly back to work thanks to our excellent service

Is the battery of your automated application due a replacement? Then you can directly contact us, without obligation, to prevent your production process experiencing delays. Our technical specialists always think proactively and give you honest and realistic advice. This way you know for sure that you will soon have a battery solution that you can rely on in the long term. If it is urgent, an emergency delivery of your battery is possible.

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