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Batteries for AGV systems

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Automatic Guided Vehicles or AGV systems are fully unmanned and are primarily deployed in logistics related work environments. For instance, in the fully-automated warehouses of major web stores, production and distribution environments. AGVs automatically transport goods in a safe way. The deployment of AGVs ensures a more efficient business operation and reduces staff costs. Increasing use is therefore made of AGV systems. AGV system failure is extremely annoying and directly impacts your production process. We have a wide range of different batteries and associated accessories in stock which can be immediately deployed for most AGVs. If needed, we ensure that you have the correct AGV battery rapidly at your business. This means your production process incurs as little delay as possible.

The benefits to you

If you purchase an AGV battery you can count on:

  • Reliable batteries with a long lifespan.
  • Powerful high-rate batteries with a large action radius.
  • Honest and thorough consultancy.
  • Custom-made solution if required.

New Lithium technology creates opportunities for AGV systems

Thanks to Lithium technology, CLN batteries can achieve up to three times more cycles than comparable AGM battery models and are batter able to handle short boost charges. All that while only being half the size and weight. The Cellpower CLN series is able to supply a powerful cyclic performance over longer periods without any significant capacity loss. Thanks to the larger action radius that AGVs achieve with a Cellpower CLN battery, the automatic vehicles do not have to be recharged so frequently, meaning less downtime than with an AGM lead-acid battery. Less downtime means an even more efficient logistics process.

The Cellpower CLN series has been thoroughly tested under the most challenging conditions to guarantee maximal performance. Thanks to the high temperature resistance and well-made casing you can be sure that a CLN battery will keep performing, where other batteries would have stopped way before. This way a Cellpower CLN Lithium NMC battery forms a long-lasting reliable energy source for AGV systems.

Intercel, your reliable partner

Intercel has been an importer and wholesaler in the area of batteries and associated accessories since 1988. Intercel is not only a wholesaler in batteries. Both the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), trader as well as business end user can come to us for high-quality products and thorough advice. No challenge is too great for our specialists. All our suppliers are certified with at least ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In addition, Intercel also ensures the proper and responsible discharge and recycling of waste and residues.

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