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Batteries for stand-alone robots

Intercel batteries allow your stand-alone robots to function optimally. Our batteries are reliable and very powerful. With our excellent service you are always assured of the right battery and possible malfunctions in your company processes are kept to a minimum.

Uptime of stand-alone robots is crucial

Stand-alone robots are compact robots that are used for all kinds of functions. The industrial robots are made for carrying out precise repetitive actions, and are used in factories, test centres and laboratories, among other places. Stand-alone robots work 24 hours a day with a speed and accuracy that cannot be matched by humans. In addition, robots can provide organisations with significant savings in wage costs. That is why robots are replacing manual labour at increasingly more companies. This means that you must be able to rely on your stand-alone robots to function constantly and accurately. In many cases a malfunction will have a direct impact on the continuity of company processes.

Increase the reliability of your industrial robots

Intercel batteries have a long lifespan and are very powerful. This allows them to increase the uptime and reliability of your industrial robots. In our wide range we have Gel and Lithium batteries for various types of stand-alone robots, which can be directly delivered from stock. Do you have an industrial stand-alone robot that has been tailor-made? Thanks to our broad experience in various sectors, we can almost always create a custom-made solution.

Discover our outstanding service

We are always available to provide you with honest consultancy, without obligation, on a suitable battery for your stand-alone robot. When time is of the essence, an emergency delivery of your battery is possible so that your company processes can be quickly resumed.

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