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Batteries for trailer construction

Batteries for bodywork and trailer construction

Intercel is the specialist in batteries for the trailer construction sector. Thanks to our many years of experience as a battery supplier, we know exactly which batteries are suitable for which application. For example, we assist you as a trailer or bodywork manufacturer to provide high-quality vehicles to your clients. We deliver directly from own stock and are happy to think along with you about tailor-made solutions.

Batteries for refrigerated vehicles

Refrigerated trailers and vehicles are often refrigerated by way of the electricity grid or a direct drive cooling installation which uses the engine. However, there is a strong demand for battery-powered refrigerated systems, these installations sometimes work in combination with solar panels and can be charged via the electricity grid. This reliable system ensures constant refrigeration, saves fuel and causes less harmful emissions. We provide powerful batteries for this that are suitable for heavy cyclic use.

Batteries for horse trailers

Do you work in the trailer construction sector and specialise in horse trailers? We have the right batteries for you. Horse trailers are designed to make transporting horses as comfortable as possible. Therefore, they are often equipped with lighting and air-conditioning. Luxury horse trailers often contain a living section for people as well, with features such as heating, an audio installation, TV and microwave. Obviously, these applications use energy. We can supply this power thanks to our powerful battery packs.

Complete your quality product with Intercel batteries

Whether you work in bodywork construction for refrigerated vehicles, horse trailers or other conversions that require batteries, you complete your work with Intercel’s high-quality energy systems. Our batteries are powerful, reliable and secure. We are happy to advise you about the right solution for your application. Do not hesitate to contact us, without obligation.

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