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Battery for infrastructure

Batteries for autonomous infrastructure systems

Intercel supplies high-quality batteries for infrastructure applications. As a battery supplier with many years of experience in the area of infrastructure, we know only too well that safety, roadside as well as on the road, must take the highest priority. That is why we aim to contribute to the safety of road users and the people who work on the roads with our batteries. We solely supply batteries that have been developed for heavy cyclic use and offer excellent service to provide rapid and outstanding assistance.

Batteries for a wide range of infrastructure applications

Increasingly more systems which are used to regulate traffic and allow road works to proceed smoothly, are powered by solar energy. Consider measuring systems, lighting, signage and many more traffic systems. The energy generated by solar cells is stored by batteries. These batteries are exposed to severe weather conditions and have to be continually recharged. This is a major strain. That is why we supply robust batteries that have been developed for heavy cyclic use. In this way you can rely on the reliable operation of your system.

Find the right battery for your infrastructure system

Whether you are looking for a replacement battery or a battery for a new system, battery specialist Intercel has a large number of high-performance batteries which are directly available. If you require a different battery solution, we can also help you with the calculations, development and realisation of a custom-made energy solution.

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