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Battery for traffic systems

Reliable batteries for traffic systems

Intercel helps improve the safety and reliability of traffic systems. We supply high-quality batteries for traffic lights, measuring systems, lighting and other traffic systems. As battery supplier, we take our responsibility for the traffic safety extremely seriously. That is why quality, service and reliability are our highest priorities.

Traffic is everywhere; batteries are increasingly important

Traffic plays a central role in our daily life. We are dependent on traffic, commuter traffic and even recreational traffic. We use various means of transport, which obviously make our journeys possible. Modern main roads and motorways equipped with autonomous electronic systems guide us to destinations and keep us safe on the roads. A growing number of these traffic systems are equipped with a battery for energy storage.

Batteries for standalone traffic systems

Speed cameras, traffic lights and parking meters are increasingly powered by a solar panel. To supply power 24 hours a day, these systems must be coupled with reliable batteries. The same applies for mobile measurement systems. Power outage of off-grid traffic systems can have far-reaching consequences, varying from the loss of important research data to safety risks for drivers dependent on the signalling systems.

AGM battery solutions for traffic systems

An autonomous traffic system has to function under all weather conditions. This requires a high-quality battery which can handle all weather conditions. Here, Intercel provides a wide range of battery products for heavy cyclic applications such as traffic systems. Our AGM batteries for traffic solutions are robust, maintenance-free and have a long service life.

Find the right battery for your traffic system

Are you looking for a replacement battery for your traffic application? Do you require a battery for a new traffic system and are you uncertain about your current operational status? Battery wholesaler Intercel has many high-performance batteries in stock to choose from. If necessary, we can also help you with the calculations, development and realisation of a tailor-made energy solution for your traffic application.


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