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Batteries for autonomous signage

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The batteries from Intercel contribute to the reliable and safe operation of your autonomous signage systems. Intercel supplies high-quality batteries for both mobile and permanent signage. We have a large amount of standard batteries in stock, so that you can quickly respond when a battery needs to be replaced. In addition, we can supply specific, tailor-made solutions when your signage system requires it.

Signage increasingly important for safe traffic

It is becoming increasingly busy on the roads, and therefore signage is more and more important to direct traffic effectively. For signage, fixed systems are used such as matrix signs above the road, but increasingly also mobile traffic systems. Consider arrow boards, mobile lane signalling and text display vehicles. When an accident has occurred, signage can warn and direct drivers, lanes can be closed and the maximum speed can be reduced. But signage can also be deployed during road works and events to influence the driving habits of drivers and the route they choose.

Batteries for reliable operation

Autonomous signage systems have an autonomous energy supply. Solar cells are increasingly used for this, with the generated energy being stored a battery system. This is a very efficient and environmentally- friendly solution, which does not emit CO2. A reliable battery is an essential link in this system. After all, signage failure can have major consequences. Our batteries for signage are specifically made for heavy cyclic applications, are very robust and have a long lifespan, regardless of weather conditions.

Find the right battery for your signage

If you are looking for a replacement battery or are looking for a battery for a new signage system, Intercel has the right high-performance battery for your application. If you need a tailor-made energy solution, then we will be delighted to design and create this for you!

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