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Reliable batteries for electric construction machinery

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Reliable batteries for electric construction machinery

Intercel has reliable batteries for various types of construction machinery. The batteries that we supply are environmentally-friendly, have a long lifespan and are extremely reliable. We have a large number of batteries in our range, that we can directly and rapidly supply so that your work can continue. If a standard solution does not work, then we are happy to create a tailor-made energy-solution for you.

Construction sector switches to electric

The construction sector is rapidly switching to electric construction machinery. The government is partially behind this switch, as it has determined that the sector has to reduce the emission of pollutants. On the other hand, electric machines also have many benefits for companies. For example, these machines are not only better for the environment, but also for the employees. An electric construction machine does not emit toxic fumes, has less vibration, and is almost silent. This means that longer working hours can be completed in busy neighbourhoods without causing inconvenience. In addition, municipalities often prioritise companies that work with electrical equipment in tenders. A final reason construction companies opt for electric, is cost. While electric equipment is more expensive to acquire, this can easily be recouped thanks to lower operating costs.

Batteries for various construction machines

Intercel supplies suitable batteries for different types of battery-powered construction machines. For example, consider electric excavators, cranes, hydraulic platforms and scissor lifts. We are also the place to be for batteries for electric garden equipment.


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