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The most reliable batteries for electric cranes

The most reliable batteries for electric cranes

Intercel has the best and most reliable batteries for electric cranes. Whatever type of battery you are looking for, all our batteries are environmentally-friendly, reliable and safe. In addition, we are happy to take our service provision a step further. With many years of experience in the construction sector, we can always offer a suitable solution. If a standard battery does not suffice, we will be delighted to design and produce a tailor-made solution.

Electric cranes emerging

Electric cranes are now emerging in a major way. The construction sector has to achieve a major reduction in the emission of nitrogen and CO2. Battery-powered equipment such as electric cranes is one of the solutions to achieve this. Electric cranes do not emit nitrogen, and CO2 only indirectly. In addition, battery-powered cranes are more comfortable for your staff, because they do not emit toxic fumes, have less vibration, and are almost silent. This means that longer working hours can be completed in neighbourhoods or nearby schools without causing inconvenience, which increases construction output. In addition, government authorities often prioritise companies that work with electrical equipment in tenders.

A suitable battery for each electrical crane

A variety of electric cranes are used in the construction world. This is why there are electric tower cranes and top tower cranes, which are generally connected to the power grid from the construction site, but do actually use a battery for some functions. Electric mobile tower cranes and city cranes also use a battery for hoisting. Recently the first fully electric mobile crane was presented in the Netherlands.  Whichever type of electric crane you require a battery for, we have the correct battery in stock or will create it for you.

Which battery do I need?

Lithium batteries are most suitable for this application. In contrast to NiCd batteries, lithium batteries do not have any memory. This means that a full charge cycle is not needed with every use. We have multiple solutions in the area of lithium batteries: from Lithium NMC and LiFe PO4 to tailor-made lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are more expensive than other battery solutions, but you quickly recoup these additional costs thanks to the longer lifespan.


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