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The right battery for your agricultural machines

The right battery for your agricultural machines

Get your battery-powered garden equipment to perform optimally with an Intercel battery. We supply various batteries from stock, so that you can quickly get to work if a battery needs to be replaced. In addition, we can offer tailor-made solutions. For example, consider a battery pack with a specific capacity or composition.

What are battery-powered agricultural machines ?

Battery-powered agricultural machines are a trend in the market. No wonder, because a battery-powered agricultural machine has various benefits compared to a traditional fuel-powered agricultural machine. For example, they have the same capacity as a machine with a petrol engine, but they produce less emissions and noise.

The benefits of electric agricultural machines

Battery-powered equipment is in many ways superior to equipment that uses fossil fuels. The engine is very quiet, which means you do not have to worry about noise pollution during work. For example, it is possible to work in a residential area early in the morning without any issues, or during school hours in the vicinity of a school. Is your company competing in a tender from the municipality or province? In many cases, electric equipment will give you an advantage. Electric machines are also better for your staff. Battery-powered equipment has less vibrations, and your staff do not have to inhale toxic fumes.

Which types of batteries are there?

The most widely used batteries for agricultural machines are lithium batteries. Within the group of Lithium batteries, we have multiple solutions: from a Lithium NMC solution, a LiFe PO4 solution to a tailor-made Lithium battery. Compared to NiCd or NiMH batteries, Lithium batteries do not suffer from memory effect, meaning a full discharge is not required with every use. Moreover, their energy density is much higher. This means that the same capacity can be achieved with a significantly lower weight and much smaller dimensions than the NiCd or NiMH batteries. The disadvantage of Lithium is the initial acquisition price. This is higher than the other options. However, the total life cost is significantly lower.

Which battery do I need?

Intercel always looks for the perfect battery solution for your agricultural machines . The ideal composition for your battery depends on your equipment and the way in which you use it, among other things. If there is no standard battery available, we take the challenge to design, develop and produce a solution for your battery-powered garden equipment. Our tailor-made batteries are always built with high-quality lithium cells.

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