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The best batteries for scissor lifts and hydraulic platforms

The best batteries for scissor lifts and hydraulic platforms

Intercel supplies the best batteries for your scissor lifts and hydraulic platforms. Thanks to our many years of experience with this application we can assist you with the most secure and reliable solution for your application. We have various maintenance-free sealed AGM batteries for cyclic use, including Cellpower CPC series batteries. For heavy cyclic use we recommend batteries from the Cellpower CPT series. When a standard solution does not suffice, we can also offer tailor-made battery solutions. Whatever you need, all our batteries are environmentally-friendly and maintenance-free, and have a long lifespan.

Batteries for all types of hydraulic platforms

Hydraulic platform is a collective name for all units that are used to work securely on higher installations. Therefore, various types of machines fall under the term hydraulic platform. One of the most well-known types is the scissor lift, which ascends vertically by way of a scissor system. Other popular hydraulic platforms extend by way of a telescopic system, and can also bend. Furthermore, a distinction can be made between self-driving hydraulic platforms, hydraulic platforms on vehicles, and hydraulic platforms that make use of extra supports (stabilisers). We have the right battery for all these hydraulic hoists.

Batteries for scissor lifts

As stated, the scissor lift is a very common type of hydraulic platform. There are different types, also within the category of scissor lifts. For example, there are scissor lifts for one person and scissor lifts for multiple people. There are scissor lifts that can reach up high, but there are also those which can only be used for a small distance. The chassis of a scissor lift hydraulic platform can be equipped with wheels or on caterpillar tracks to move the machine. Whatever type you have, you can find the right battery here.


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