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Electric transportation

Powerful batteries for electric transportation

Intercel offers powerful batteries for various forms of electric transportation, including electric vehicles (EVs) and light electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are the future, because they are cleaner, quieter and cheaper than fuel-powered vehicles. We can create tailor-made battery solutions, but also supply standard batteries for electric transportation. We supply reliable batteries with a large action radius and long lifespan, so you get everything out of your electric vehicles!

Reduced CO2 emissions

Battery-powered vehicles help combat climate change. Fossil fuel-powered vehicles are major polluters, and are responsible for one fifth of the CO2 emission in our country. By contrast, electric vehicles emit far less CO2. For example, Milieu Centraal calculated that an electric middle class car emits 32,300 kilos of CO2 during its entire lifespan, while a comparable diesel or petrol-powered car produces 53,100 kilos of CO2 — a difference of a whopping 40%. The calculation keeps in mind the grey-green electricity we get from the plug. Thanks to electricity becoming increasingly greener, the difference between driving on electricity and fossil fuels in the future will become even greater. In addition, electric vehicles do not emit any particulate matter or nitrogen oxide, and in this way contribute to a healthier environment and improved air quality.

Cleaner and greener, battery included

A well-known prejudice is that the environmental profit of electric transportation is nullified by the actual production of the batteries. However, this is not true. For example, in the above calculation from Milieu Centraal, the production of the battery has already been taken into account. Manufacturing the battery does emit CO2 – with a battery for an electric car it is approximately 5100 kilos – but this is offset by the fact that electric vehicles are far more efficient in use. With an EV, the extra CO2 emission of the battery is offset within 3.5 years (or 40,500 kilometres) of driving.

Battery-powered transport: good for your wallet

Electric vehicles and light EVs are cheaper overall than vehicles which use fossil fuels. They are quite similar in terms of acquisition, but in terms of usage battery-powered vehicles clearly are far more cost effective. Electric vehicles and light EVs are more economical to drive thanks to using electricity. The costs are beneficial in terms of maintenance too, because the engines have less components that suffer from wear and tear. Our batteries make your electric transportation even cheaper. Our batteries are extremely competitively priced and have a long lifespan.

EV batteries increasingly sustainable

Our batteries for EVs are becoming increasingly cleaner, more powerful and sustainable. In addition, many metals are taken from old batteries and reused. Complete batteries that are no longer powerful enough for electric transportation can often be used to store solar energy and wind energy. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact the Intercel specialists!


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