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Reliable batteries for EVs

Reliable batteries for EVs

Intercel supplies reliable batteries for various types of electric vehicles (EVs). Our batteries are extremely efficient and have a large action radius, so that you can optimally use your electric vehicles. We supply standard batteries, but can also offer tailor-made work by designing custom battery packs, for example.

What are electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles are just that! Within EVs a distinction is made between electric vehicles – generally meaning cars — and light electric vehicles. Light EVs includes electric bicycles, delivery bikes, mopeds and motorcycles.

What should I know about EV batteries?

The EV battery is the battery which is used to power an electric car. Therefore, there is a major difference between the EV battery and the battery which is in every car. Batteries for electric vehicles can be charged and have been especially designed for extremely high capacities. EV batteries are, in relation to their weight, extremely powerful and have a high energy density. They are as small and light as possible, to optimise the performance of the vehicle. The most widely used batteries for EVs are lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries, because these have an extremely high energy density. However, there are also batteries with other compositions.

Get everything out of your electric car with the right battery

The battery is one of the most important components of an electric vehicle. After all, the battery supplies the energy to allow the car to drive. The capacity of the battery also determines the distance you can travel, or the action radius. All our batteries are powerful and reliable, so that you know exactly when you have to recharge the battery. The batteries are available in various capacities.

Advantageous batteries to your specifications

The battery pack is one of the most expensive components of an electric car. The price of these batteries has dropped significantly over the last decade. On a kilowatt per hour basis, a whopping 87%. In addition, Intercel batteries are always priced competitively. They can often be supplied from stock, but we can also offer tailor-made solutions. For example, we can compile a battery pack according to your specifications. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover the possibilities!


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