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Reliable batteries for Light EVs

Reliable batteries for Light EVs

Intercel supplies batteries for light electric vehicles, or light EVs. Our batteries are extremely reliable and have a long lifespan. We can design a tailor-made battery solution, but we also supply standard batteries for light EVs.

What are light EVs?

Light electric vehicles are literally light electrical methods of transport. Common examples of this are electric bicycles and mopeds, but also electric delivery bikes, speed bikes or scooters. Light EVs are, just like larger electric vehicles, significantly on the rise. No wonder, because EVs are quieter, cleaner and cheaper in use than fuel-powered vehicles. In addition, in larger cities light EVs are ideal to quickly manoeuvre through the city traffic and avoid traffic jams. We supply batteries for all types of light electric vehicles.

Get everything out of your light electric vehicle with our batteries

A light electric vehicle is ideal to cover short distances quickly. For example, an electric bicycle or moped can be used for commuter or recreational traffic. Increasingly often, light EVs are also used for deliveries. But however you may wish to use your light EVs, a reliable battery is crucial to get everything out of a light EV. After all, the battery determines how far you can travel with a vehicle. This distance is also called the action radius. All our batteries have a large action radius, but the general rule is: the bigger the battery, the higher the capacity. In addition to being powerful, our batteries are very reliable and predictable in their use, so that you do not unexpectedly come to a halt with a flat battery.

The right battery for your transportation

Light electric vehicles come in many types and sizes. That is why we do not only supply standard solutions, but we also offer tailor-made energy solutions. Consider batteries with extra large capacities, or battery packs that are compiled according to your specifications. We also supply all accessories, such as chargers, etc. Whatever you desire, we are happy to think along with you to find a suitable solution. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us!


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