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Energy storage systems

Smart energy storage systems for various applications

Intercel supplies smart energy storage systems for various applications. Whether it concerns selling self-produced energy or designing off-grid standalone systems, we ensure a suitable energy storage system. Our modular energy storage systems are sustainable, user-friendly and reliable. The plug and play systems can be used by utility companies, network managers and energy suppliers. Read how we can support you.

Energy storage systems: batteries for sustainable energy

The energy market is changing rapidly. Sustainable energy is sharply on the rise, which means the need for smart solutions is growing. With Intercel’s innovative energy storage systems, sustainable energy can be stored and used efficiently. An energy storage system is a large, modular battery, which allows autonomous energy networks to be created and sustainable energy to be sold at the most profitable moments.

Energy storage systems for solar panels

In contrast to traditional energy sources, solar energy is mostly generated locally. Another difference with electricity generated from fossil fuels, is that the yield from solar panels can vary significantly per day. After all, the sun shines more on some days than others. These fluctuations impact the stability of the electricity network and make it difficult to reconcile supply and demand. Our energy storage systems for solar panels solve this. They store solar energy locally, which means the generated electricity can be sold at the best moments and the network stays stable.

Energy storage system for wind energy

The same applies to wind energy as for solar energy: the yield can vary significantly per day. This impacts the stability of the network and makes it difficult to supply the electricity to the grid when the rates are at their highest. That is why a local energy storage system for wind energy offers major benefits. Our user-friendly energy storage solutions make major investments in the stability of the network redundant and ensures that the generated electricity can be sold with a bigger margin.

Energy storage for off-grid standalone systems

Our energy storage systems can also be used to create autonomous solar or wind energy networks. These so-called off-grid standalone systems can be used at locations where a connection to electricity grid is not available. Examples of this are lighting systems in nature reserves, signalling systems for the transhipment of coal and power systems for pumping water, for example. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover all the possibilities of our off-grid systems.

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